White Or Wrong: Should I Really Avoid Bread, Rice and More?

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Manufacturers bleach flour and sugar and heavily process these products making them a former shell of the whole foods they once were. Most white foods have been stripped of their nutritional value. They also have less fiber and vitamins than their whole wheat counterparts, which also have greater nutritional density. White foods have become so taboo there is even a "no white foods diet" that eliminates all white foods that are boxed, packaged, canned, refined, baked and processed. That means anything with flour, salt, sugar, white rice and potatoes. According to the "no white foods diet, " these foods not only stimulate but escalate cravings for all things evil - cookies, chips, pies, donuts, etc. White foods tend to be higher in starches which break down into sugar. It's important to keep in mind that all white foods are not created equal. There are plenty of these foods that should have a permanent place on your food repertoire. Among the white foods you'll want to keep around: endives, garlic, ginger, artichokes, jicama, turnips, shallots, onions, mushrooms, white peaches, pears, potatoes and white nectarines.