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Feel like goin' south? Try this salad that includes a layer of baked taco chips topped with layers of lettuce, chicken, tomatoes and cheese and dressed with sour cream, salsa, cumin and pepper sauce.

Don't be a chicken -- mustard up the courage to make this tasty poultry dish. This salad features a whole cooked hot rotisserie chicken and serves two as a main course, or four to six as an appetizer.

How about grabbing a brewski... in your salad? Imagine the taste of mayonnaise, ketchup, and a mixture pickles, onions, bell peppers, and/or green olives with beer! Thousand island at its best.

Fancy and tasty, this salad has it all. Use some good quality vinegar and olive oil and you will create a real work of art. Trust us, you will impress your critics.

Want something that goes down nice and smooth? Guacamole is just the ticket. Although it's often eaten with tortilla chips, it can be spooned onto or into almost any savory Mexican dish. Lighten up your meal with a side that's not the pits.


Open sesame. This salad is an irresistible combination of spinach and strawberries to create a perfect blend. Once you try our strawberry salad, you'll make it at least once a week.

Not just great, but groundbreaking. The Cranberry Spinach salad is both a fruit and veggie delight! Easy to prepare and a real pleasure to eat… truly enjoyable.

Mild, but not without great taste! Perfect over spinach or any recipe of mixed salad greens, this dressing goes great with any main entree.

This recipe is boiling hot! Cut a selection of your favorite vegetables and dress them with this delicious sauce-like dressing. Perfect for many casual and not-so-casual occasions.

Always safe and reliable, the Seasoned Velvet dressing is an easy salad topper for every day use. A vinaigrette topping, it's perfect when served on mixed vegetables as an appetizer.

Spice up your life with this original dressing. When served with a freshly-cooked rotisserie meat or a salad, this dressing is a great accompaniment for a good whole meal.

You should relish the opportunity to make this delicious dressing. Spicy and appealing dressing for green salads and raw vegetables. Try it now...

Need something healthy to go with broccoli and cabbage? Well, the Milky Dressing will do the body good. For the health conscious, this is a superb choice.

Your guests will be saying "Oui Oui" after they try this French dressing! This is a vinaigrette dressing variation perfect on all kinds of vegetables. Simply perfect for lighting up any salad.

Pile on the potatoes with this salad. Always a good side dish, the Fabulous Potato Salad is certainly worth few minutes of preparation.

Finito! You'll be saying that in no time with this tasty Italian recipe full of tomato, and other tasty seasonings. Bring a little bit of Italy into your home now!

Made to serve with a number of delicious dishes, the eggplant salad is nothing short of sweet. Impress your friends and family with this lesser made recipe.

Egg dressing is certainly versatile, working both on a sandwich or on a salad. You'd be hardboiled to find a better dressing on your salad!

Feeling like you want some fried food? Well, if you're going to indulge, this is the perfect sauce for you. Why not eat food with your hands in style? It's the perfect dip.

Everyone likes a good saltine cracker, and this recipe is full of it. Also, for fans of garlic and onions, this is the recipe for you!