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Go bananas over this spectacular bread pudding. It's a gourmet sweet treat that has plenty of appeal and you won't need to worry about how it affects your bottom line.

Not to sound corny, but this soup is mmm mmmm good. Prepared with chilies and cheese, it's also baked with croutons and garnisheed with an extra helping of the crunchy bread for good measure.

You simply cannot resist taking a bite out of this! This breakfast can be prepared the night before; it is truly enjoyable.

For all of you almond lovers, this is a French toast breakfast you'll go nuts over. Start your morning off on the right note.

The holidays are sure to be happy when you prepare this French toast favorite. Soak and refrigerate the bread overnight so to allow a full blend of flavors.

Go gourmet this morning with this oven-baked French toast dish. Sink your teeth into this a.m. offering that will stay fresh in your mind throughout the day.

This awesome blend of banana and french toast makes for a mouthwatering breakfast. Get ready to butter up your fellow diners with this a.m. treat.

Ready or not, you can feast on this French toast frenzy on the drop of a dime. It's a sweet treat that can be made ahead of time and then frozen.

Prepare to introduce a mouth-watering medley onto your menu. Trust us, once you've tried this, everything will be just peachy keen.

Everyone will raise a toast to this French favorite. Although this version requires overnight refrigeration, it's sure to be a scrumptious sensation.

Berry, berry good. Slices of white bread coated with a mixture of eggs, sugar, milk, cream, butter, vanilla, raisins, and allspice plus the special sauce make for a sweet treat.

Something great for those early morning meals. You've gotta try baked bread cubes coated with the smooth cream of eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, and nutmeg served with a sauce of strawberries, blueberries, lemon juice, and grated lemon peel.

Turn this turnip dish into part of a glorious meal. This vegetable and cheese casserole is perfect for any special occasion.

It's time to start caring about carrots. This recipe features creamy carrots with heavy cream and cheese coated and baked with a breadcrumb crust. It's a good place to start.

Stuff yourself with stuffing. Serve this casserole with a fresh garden salad. It's a meal full of deliciousness.

Pining for pineapple? Well, here's your answer... This is a pineapple and bread casserole that goes great by itself as a breakfast or as a dinner side dish.

Talk about versatility in your breakfast. You can choose among hot and mild sausages or you can actually use both. Start your day off with a hearty meal.

This recipe will a-maize you! The Baked Sausage & corn dish is very easy to make and luscious to eat. Make it now!

Want something fast for breakfast? Try our fondue casserole. This a.m. fix combines cheese, tuna and bread for a creamy, dreamy all-in-one effort that will start your morning off right.

Have some fun with fondue. This fondue casserole is more than a hot dish of melted cheese prepared on a layer of bread. It's got some extra ingredients that give it an award-winning kick.