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Go gourmet this morning with this oven-baked French toast dish. Sink your teeth into this a.m. offering that will stay fresh in your mind throughout the day.

It's as easy as pie. You can use a microwave oven to prepare these apples and dates. It's as simple as can be and good to the core.

Simply parfait... and oh-so-healthy! Enjoy your coffee with this amazing and healthy breakfast. It goes good with nearly everything.

You'll go bananas for this one. Serve the unique breakfast along with a hot cup of coffee. It's the perfect way to begin the day.


Seriously, these are ready to go! If you are always in a hurry for your breakfast, you can prepare these ahead of time and take them on the run. For the dried fruit, use a combination of apricots, plums, and cranberries.

For those of you who aren't aware, muesli is a popular breakfast dish (breakfast cereal) prepared with uncooked rolled oats and fruit. In Switzerland, it is also eaten as a light evening dish; there Birchermesli is muesli with butterbrot and milk coffee.

The title says it all. Pure deliciousness. Here you have layers of cookie bars topped with crisp rice cereal, peanut butter, and marshmallows. What's not to like?

Look, no oven! No baking is required for this fantastic roll that can be stored in the refrigerator and used when ready to serve.

How do you like them apples? Here are chewy cookies with a unique taste! Take a bite out of this apple now.

Can't live with just crispy? Well, this is super crispy. This treat is a way to boost your energy in the morning or enjoy any time of the day as a snack.


Treat yourself to some peppermint. This concoction is full of butter, marshmallows, crisp rice cereal, peppermint candy are combined, melted and cooled.

Wonderful whole wheat! This moist bread can be topped with cream cheese, honey butter or jam and jelly for breakfast.

Spice up your morning with this nutty medley that's bursting with flavor. You can prepare them ahead of time or serve them fresh out of the oven. You decide!

One bite and your mouth will snap, crackle and pop over these crispy treats. What sets them apart from the traditional version has to be the added boost of cocoa.

I chew, chew, choose you! That's what you should say to this recipe! No baking is involved in the preparation of these fantastic cookies.

We're raising the bar with this coconut granola treat. Although it isn't the most low-fat snack on the block, it's sure to make a scintillating snack.

Really, who can resist chocolate? Despite the use of a microwave, this recipe makes a crispy jelly roll. It's quite a delight.

This vanilla recipe is certainly quite the thriller. Sweet and delicious, everyone is buzzing about the Honey Vanilla Oats recipe.

This is a topping recipe, which will make any breakfast a special one.

Ready for a tasty treat? This hearty blend of crispy nuts and chewy fruit is prepared with many healthy ingredients. It's so good -- you're going to go nuts.

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