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A few tweaks make this classic cheese fondue recipe perfect for healthful dipping. We've reduced the fat and added fiber. Add more nutrition by dipping crunchy veggies!

This delicious, unique recipe offers a little bit of everything – protein, vegetables and lots of flavor. The prep work is worth the effort, and you can make extras and freeze for later!

Need a "gouda" tasting pasta recipe? This one breaks from the norm with unique flavors and creamy goodness. Enjoy it with a salad for a complete meal.

This recipe is perfect for satisfying those voracious pizza cravings. It makes a super lunch or quick dinner and is much healthier than delivery. Get creative with your favorite veggie toppings for variety.

Use your noodles. There's no reason to be Alfredo this decadent dish. Creamy, dreamy and so simple to make, this phenomenal fettuccine is the ultimate fix when you're short on time and ingredients.

Beans and beef are the two main staples in this casserole delight that's the ultimate comfort food. Serve along side rice and a salad.

What is not to love about this spicy combo? This meal tastes much better if prepared the day before serving. Just remember to keep the cheese on the side and to add it just before serving.

In a region perhaps best known for its chili, the southern-style variety is a can't miss. This chili can be made the day before serving and it freezes well. Y'all won't be let down!

This convenient casserole will have you saying cheese, along with chili, corn and casserole. When combined together, the ingredients have all of the makings of a first class meal.

You will candidly love the cannellini. Serve after pouring hot pepper sauce in the chili, and garnish with parsley and shredded cheese. Excellent with muffins!

If you're up for some chili cheese rice, this is the dish for you. For those who don't have any chili powder on hand, feel free to use a can of chopped jalapenos instead!

You will agree with the name of this recipe, and call it quite lovely once you've finished. Stick to the instructions of this recipe and prepare yourself for a bean chili salad!

This salad recipe requires no cooking at all. It's not the healthiest dish, but it is surely downright delicious. Whet your palate with this spicy pleaser.

Not just one cheese, but two! This is a meal full of extra goodness. The sour cream and the cream of chicken soup add extra “energy” to this tasty chili dish.

Say hi to Ohio, as in Ohio Chili Soup! Serve this rich soup with shredded cheese and onion. It's a tasty and satisfying blend.

You've heard of Mac and Cheese, but have you heard of Mac and Chili? This soup calls for ground beef, tomatoes, chili seasoning mix, macaroni, beef bouillon cube, water, bread and Parmesan cheese.

Here you have practically everything you could ask for all in one place. This soup is crowded with potatoes, onion, cumin, garlic, basil, pepper, green pepper, green chilies, sour cream, milk, Jack cheese and green onions. Talk about a full house!

Try something new with old-style flavor! The mushroom soup brings home the taste with this basic chili beef pottage that can be prepared by even the most novice chef.

This is most certainly some chicken soup for the soul. Prepared with green chilies, this divine stew really brings home the great flavor.

Not to sound corny, but this soup is mmm mmmm good. Prepared with chilies and cheese, it's also baked with croutons and garnisheed with an extra helping of the crunchy bread for good measure.