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This savory pasta is dressed up and ready for company. And the best part is the short prep time. Relax and enjoy!

Use your noodles. There's no reason to be Alfredo this decadent dish. Creamy, dreamy and so simple to make, this phenomenal fettuccine is the ultimate fix when you're short on time and ingredients.


Variety is the spice of life. This dish is loaded with ingredients that'll set your tastebuds on fire. It's not for the faint of heart. Use your noodle and bring out the raging Cajun in you.


This isn't your typical fettuccine. Loaded with fresh seafood, the taste of cream of mushroom soup gives it a new and innovative spin that's shrimply delicious. One bite and you'll realize it's the perfect catch. Sweet creams!


Kick your fettuccine up a notch with our version. We've added bacon, mushrooms, corn, zucchini and onions to give this delicious dish some color. Basically, fettuccine just made the transition from good to great with the addition a few simple ingredients.

Some things never get old... and this classic fettuccine is one of them. Prepared with spinach, mushrooms and more, you won't tire of this great-tasting pasta dish that is divine intervention.

Ham it up with this spinach fettuccine. You'll want to use your noodle when you prepare our traditional favorite uncharacteristically prepared with crème fraiche.

Thick and flavored sauce; a very nice and rich meal! You will make it again.

Very fast - easy and amazingly good! Substitute the zucchini with steamed broccoli, if you like… it will still come out excellent. If you are a bleu cheese lover, go for this!

This is an easy dish that can be modified, if you like. Use your noodle and you'll soon see that this fettuccine dish is second to none.


Don't be alfredo trying this simple pasta pleaser. It may not be the traditional version to which you are accustomed, but it's still a creamy, dreamy offering. Four simple ingredients make for one decadent dish. Give it a whirl!

Creamy, dreamy and simple to make. Gourmet fettuccine alfredo that's better than any restaurant.


Don't pass on this pasta dish. When you're in a hurry for a satisfying meal, use your noodles and prepare this simple fix that will feed those hungry mouths with this mushroomy dish in no time at all.

Use your noodle and prepare a batch of this creamy shrimp fettuccine dinner. It's restaurant taste prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen. You won't believe how very simple it is.

We're singing your tuna. A great-tasting pasta dish, this combines tuna, pasta and plenty of goodness with little effort.


Want to know where the beef is? Right here. When the moon hits your eye like a ground beef and pasta pie, you'll be licking your chops for this family favorite. It's the ultimate one-pot meal.

Osso Buco has a reputation as being one of the most decadent veal dishes you can expose your tastebuds to. This recipe is no exception. It's sure to melt in your mouth -- so let's make a veal.

The rich flavors and textures in this fettucine are so delicious you’ll want to make it often.

Spicy tuna and cheesy pasta makes this exciting comfort food.


Chicken francese is a traditional Italian favorite. However, you don't have to leave the comfort of your own kitchen to enjoy this mouthwatering meal done right. One bite and you'll say that's amore!

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