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This delicious, unique recipe offers a little bit of everything – protein, vegetables and lots of flavor. The prep work is worth the effort, and you can make extras and freeze for later!

If you like traditional calzones, then try this south-of-the-border twist that includes all the Mexican flavors you love without breaking the diet bank.

Pump up the nutrition in the usual high-fat white pizza with this delicious version that bakes up hot, cheesy and delicious.

Have your pizza and eat it, too! For a fraction of the cost and fat grams of a delivery pie, this version is chock-full of nutritious veggies. Add whichever ones you like to customize the taste.

Experience the flipside of unhealthy, greasy pizza by making this hearty dish. The crust goes on top, and there's nothing but goodness underneath!

Get cheesy the next time you serve a casserole. This dish has plenty of Italian flavor and cooks up for a crowd, with plenty of leftovers to spare.

This rich recipe is penne from heaven with a hearty, Italian flavor that can't be beat. Better yet, it's healthful and a crowd-pleasing dinner.

This recipe is perfect for satisfying those voracious pizza cravings. It makes a super lunch or quick dinner and is much healthier than delivery. Get creative with your favorite veggie toppings for variety.


These crispy treats are worth the extra effort. Try them as a post- holiday shopping pick-me-up or even give them as gifts wrapped up in a pretty container!

Even the pickiest eater won't be able to resist this piquant chicken piccata prepared with lemons and capers. There's no reason to go sour on this dynamic dinner.

Most stir fry dishes offer up a taste of Asian flair. However, this version calls upon some Italian flavoring for inspiration. One bite and you'll say it's amore.

There's no reason to pass on the pasta. We do it up right with a whole grain version of the traditional baked rigatoni that's also prepared with turkey breast.

If you've got a beef with meat but you love lasagna, this vegetarian version is the perfect alternative. Prepare with the produce of your choice and you won't go wrong.

Ravioli is a timeless family favorite that never disappoints. This baked version takes it up another notch by topping it with succulent sauce and a cheesy melt. It's mouth-watering.

This baked ziti truly is amore. Prepared with low-fat ingredients, there's no reason you can't enjoy this diet-friendly dish that won't derail your weight lost efforts.

You'll be in 7th heaven when you sample a taste of this angel hair toss. When you're in the mood for light Italian fare, this dish should be on the tip of your tongue.

It looks like goulash, but it tastes like lasagna... without all of the guilt. This healthy meat and noodle medley is sure to satisfy without putting a dent in your diet efforts.

This classic Italian dish is perfect when you want to serve up a little amore and stir up some romance. Try it over a simple pasta with a green salad.

Lighten up! Lean turkey makes this dish healthful, while it retains all the classic flavors of traditional lasagna. Precooked noodles make it a cinch for weeknights and weekends alike. That's amore!

Don't pass on the pesto. This pesto chicken lasagna is a great alternative when you're feeling like Italian without seeing red... as in red sauce. Every bite is amore.