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We're egging you on. Go Mediterranean with decadent eggplant dish that's rich in flavor but low in fat and calories. You'll have a healthy feeling about this scrumptious side that won't disappoint.


Sweet news for treat lovers. This dessert is all Greek to us! Layers upon crispy layers of scrumptious Baklava come together in this sugary sweet treat. You can't go wrong with sugar, spice and everything nice. 

This Palestinian-inspired dish is great with whole-wheat pita bread! By combining falafel mix and turkey breast, the end result is a mind-blowing, mouth-watering experience that puts the basic burger to shame.

Homemade Humus is easy to make and genuine! Serve with pocket bread or chunks of sesame-crusted bread and raw vegetables like cucumber slices, red bell pepper strips, baby carrots, celery and jicama sticks, and radishes.

A few very simple ingredients transform this basic broth into a scrumptious soup, chock full of chickpeas and basmati rice. It's the Middle-Eastern spices, such as coriander and cumin, that actually steal the show.

Do you wrinkle your nose up at the thought of prunes? If so, you'll never look at the fruit the same way again once you taste this prune dish that can be served over beef, lamb or chicken.

Put boring PB&J out of its misery and opt for this Middle-Eastern marvel. Made with lahvosh bread, this wrap is full of vegetables and flavors. It's a refreshing break from the same old sandwiches that grow tiresome over time.

Here comes the grain again. Most people don't realize how very simple it is to spice up a basic side dish. Tomatoes and beef transform this ordinary rice dish into a mouthwatering Middle Eastern-infuced recipe. You'll love every spoonful.


Tabbouleh’s primary ingredients are bulgur, finely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, scallion and other herbs with lemon juice and various seasonings. In Syria and in Lebanon, where the dish originated, it is often eaten by scooping it up in Romaine lettuce leaves.

Haminados eggs are simply hard-boiled eggs that are then baked. Although it requires some prep time, these eggs are all they're cracked up to be. Enjoy them on the side or in a dish.

Boreks are sandwich-like surprises that can be stuck with whatever you like! By taking a puff pastry and stuffing it to your tastes, you can make it either a salty or a sweet offering that's good regardless of how you pack it.

This DIY meal makes it easy on the chef and puts onus of assembling the gyro on the guests. Prep all of the ingredients and let your diners make their own.

Baba Ghanoush is a kind of popular Middle Eastern dish made primarily of mashed eggplant and various seasonings. Frequently, the eggplant is baked or broiled over an open flame before peeling, so that the pulp is soft and has a smoky taste.

This is a great summer dip. Serve it with chips, fresh bread, fish, and even with Middle Eastern food.

It's a Mexican-Italian culinary creation when you serve these enchilada-inspired raviolis. This family favorite requires little effort but packs a meaty punch.

Did you know that Alexander the Great brought rice to Europe from India? Combine Alexander's discovery with Popeye's wisdom and we get this tasty traditional Greek dish.

Plant this delicious dip in your recipe repertoire. Served with fresh veggies or whole wheat pita bread, this incredible app draws on the tempting taste from this popular purple produce.