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This awesome blend of banana and french toast makes for a mouthwatering breakfast. Get ready to butter up your fellow diners with this a.m. treat.

Full of sugar and spice and everything nice, this sauce makes for a fruity and jammy combination. Soooo good.

Time to get liquored up! Here you have a simple butter, lemon and Irish cream mixture drizzled over bananas. Talk about a dessert with plenty of appeal.

You'll go ape for these glazed bananas. A superb sweet luxury treat that can be ready in 15 minutes. Stop monkeying around and make this dish.

Look, no oven! No baking is required for this fantastic roll that can be stored in the refrigerator and used when ready to serve.

Can't live with just crispy? Well, this is super crispy. This treat is a way to boost your energy in the morning or enjoy any time of the day as a snack.


Treat yourself to some peppermint. This concoction is full of butter, marshmallows, crisp rice cereal, peppermint candy are combined, melted and cooled.

One bite and your mouth will snap, crackle and pop over these crispy treats. What sets them apart from the traditional version has to be the added boost of cocoa.

I chew, chew, choose you! That's what you should say to this recipe! No baking is involved in the preparation of these fantastic cookies.

We're raising the bar with this coconut granola treat. Although it isn't the most low-fat snack on the block, it's sure to make a scintillating snack.

This vanilla recipe is certainly quite the thriller. Sweet and delicious, everyone is buzzing about the Honey Vanilla Oats recipe.

This is a topping recipe, which will make any breakfast a special one.

Crunch and munch on this great granola recipe. Milk this homemade cereal for all it's worth -- you can serve it a cereal or over yogurt.

This cereal isn't too cool for comfort. We're just getting warmed up Check it out -- cream of wheat spiced up by cinnamon and nutmeg.

Top of the morning to ya! This is a kid-friendly recipe and can be conveniently prepared using a microwave. This recipe should be on top of your list of things to try.

How about grabbing a brewski... in your salad? Imagine the taste of mayonnaise, ketchup, and a mixture pickles, onions, bell peppers, and/or green olives with beer! Thousand island at its best.

Not just great, but groundbreaking. The Cranberry Spinach salad is both a fruit and veggie delight! Easy to prepare and a real pleasure to eat… truly enjoyable.

This salad is as sweet as can be! Serve this fancy and simple sauce over fresh fruit and vegetables. Perfect for any dinner party.

There's no salami, only the log shape used to prepare this delicious Italian frozen dessert which is served in slices. When you're searching from a delicious break from the dessert norm, let this be it.

This hot chocolate will put all of those boxed brands to shame. With real chocolate, milk, whipped cream and nutmeg, this is the ultimate dessert on a cold night.