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There's nothing fishy about what makes this entree so great. Perfectly seasoned fish pairs with a delicious, fruity salsa for a taste treat like no other.

This delicious, unique recipe offers a little bit of everything – protein, vegetables and lots of flavor. The prep work is worth the effort, and you can make extras and freeze for later!

Skip the drive-thru and opt for a fresh taco salad instead. This one is packed with flavor and plenty of veggies. Best of all, it's much better for you!

If you like traditional calzones, then try this south-of-the-border twist that includes all the Mexican flavors you love without breaking the diet bank.

Need a slow-cooked, hearty and nutritious meal? Look no further than this magical bean dish – use the slow cooker or the stove. The choice is yours, but everyone will love the results.

Why make a run for the border when you can sink your teeth into a mouth-watering Mexican meal right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Here's how we do it chicken style...

Skip the same old chips and salsa. These party-pleasing mini burritos jazz up any appetizer spread with lots of spice and everything nice.

This Mexican medley is sure to be the taco the town. A healthy combination of hearty ingredients culminates into one tasty dish that will please your palate... and your family.

Using fresh ingredients makes all the difference in this versatile salsa. Try it with baked chips, on fish or anywhere you like to use salsa. You may never go back to bottled again!

Get creative with this healthful twist on the traditional taco. Add your favorite veggies and taco fixins and wrap it all up in a soft corn tortilla if you like. You won't even miss the ground beef!

Layer on the flavor! This savory south of the border meal is high on flavor and nutrition. It's perfect for vegetarians and carnivores alike!

Say adios to boring a.m. openers. Instead opt for these mouth-watering Mexican breakfast burritos that are chock full of healthy and hearty ingredients.

Make it Mexican night with these kickin' chicken fajitas that are both healthy and hearty. Sink your teeth into this traditional dish. You don't even have to make a run for the border.

When it comes to great-tasting dips, paint it black... as in black beans. This simply delicious dip is chock full of great taste and it's as healthy as it is hearty.

Torn between burgers and fajitas? Why not indulge in the best of both worlds? These Mexican-inspired burgers are absolutely mouthwatering. No buns about it!

What is not to love about this spicy combo? This meal tastes much better if prepared the day before serving. Just remember to keep the cheese on the side and to add it just before serving.

Feel like goin' south? Try this salad that includes a layer of baked taco chips topped with layers of lettuce, chicken, tomatoes and cheese and dressed with sour cream, salsa, cumin and pepper sauce.

This recipe puts a Mexican twist on traditional crockpot chicken. Enjoy this slow-cooked meal which bursts with flavor! It's a great way to add a little spice to your life.

This versatile Mexican fondue can be served with just about anything you want. It's your choice. Whether it's bread, chips or vegetables, you won't be able to resist the urge to double -- or triple -- dip with this fondue favorite.Say cheese!

This enchilada casserole is good any time of day. The best part of the deal is that you're getting an entire meal in one decadent dish, thanks to the beans, beef, cheese and tortillas.

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