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Got lots of zucchini? Here's a great use for them. For breakfast, brunch or snacks, these muffins are hearty and wholesome.

Nothing can top a sweet, soft muffin for breakfast or even a snack. Bake up a batch of these for on-the-go goodness with plenty of apple a-peel.

Whether you choose to eat these flavor-packed muffins as breakfast or as a snack, the health benefits are the same. Mix it up with the fruit of your choice to increase a-peel!

It's a bran new day, and you're going to start it with a batch of these homemade oatbran muffins. We've even tossed in some of your favorite fresh fruits to top them off.

Don't have time to read this recipe? Well, then make the quick and easy egg muffin. This breakfast meal features many, many eggs and sausage.

Most people don't realize that muffins are often loaded with sugar. But that's not the case with these cereal muffins baked from your favorite brands. You're sure to be bowled over.

These bran muffins have a great after taste of ginger and applesauce, and they're sugar free to boot.

Bugs Bunny would be proud. Top off any -- and every -- meal with these carrot muffins that are rich in flavor and goodness. Orange you glad you checked out this recipe?

Have we got a shell of an appetizer for you. These crab and cheese topped muffins will satisfy your seafood cravings without costing you a fortune.

You've got to try these muffins, man. If you're berry hungry for a protein-packed offering, these baked goodies will do the trick.


Here come the muffins, man. You'll adore these four-grain muffins every a.m. Of course, they're the perfect snack solution morning, noon or night.

These muffins are simplistic in preparation and excellent in taste. While they may be small in stature, they pack a palate-pleasing punch any time of the day.


It's a bran new day with these mouthwatering muffins. Prepared with a handful of healthy ingredients, they're the perfect way to top off your morning. They're so good you won't believe they're healthy.


These muffins are really high in both fiber and protein and low in fat, which makes them the ultimate breakfast-on-the-go food! Start your day with a nutritional punch. They're sure to light your fiber.


Get to know the muffins, man! Your family is sure to go bananas over these homemade baked goods that are perfect any time of the day. We guarantee these muffins will be on the top of your list for being a family favorite.


Get ready to pass the buck... as in buckwheat muffins. These fabulous baked goods are tops. Not only are they good, they're good for you. Enjoy them any time of day.


You probably don't know these muffins, man, but you'll quickly become acquainted with their great taste. Prepared with four ingredients, they're all natural and the perfect snack for any time of day.

A favorite for breakfast, lunch or brunch, these superb eggs Benedictine are to die for. Make it a staple for your a.m. ritual.