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Craving those fattening Buffalo wings? This version has a unique, tangy flavor that will have everyone wanting more. Serve them for the big game, and they're sure to score!

Bake up a hot, hearty appetizer that everyone will love, whether it's for a fancy party or the big game. Serve with veggies for a great nutrition boost.

If you like this appetizer when you're out to dinner, then you'll love the convenience of making it at home. There's plenty of zip in the dip, so pour it on!

This fresh appetizer will beat store-bought hummus every time without a lot of effort. Try it served with vegetables and pita triangles.

Growing up, who didn't love a good salami and cheese sandwich? We've expanded on the idea and brought some new friends to the table -- like puff pastry, sage, oregano and honey mustard, creating the ultimate Italian sandwich experience.


You've got chicken on the menu tonight. Before you go planning the same old poultry platter, take a look at these tender chicken strips that are served with a homemade honey-mustard sauce that's simply delicious.Your family will flock to it.

A mixture of butter and blue cheese with crumbled bacon, this spread goes great over this open-faced sandwich. As the ultimate closer, top with Swiss cheese and bake. The finished product is out of this world.

This beef and cheese ball is rolled in nuts and then served in slices. It's got all of the flavors of your favorite meet and cheese basket blended together in one mouth-watering roll. For your next special event, have a ball.

Here is one sausage dish that is sure to be the apple of your eye. If you are looking for a different way to spice up mealtime, make this your go-to meal. No matter how you slice it, it's downright saucy.

This platter of palate-pleasing veggies requires some prep time. Serve with your favorite vegetables and reap the health benefits.

We've got the perfect spread for the liver lover in you. Prepared with chicken livers and a host of other ingredients, the only thing fancy about this recipe is the taste. Now give it a try tonight. You won't be sorry!

It's a tempting twist on this traditional Middle Eastern dip. You'll go nuts over this hummus recipe that's made from boiled peanuts. It's one shell of a treat for your tastebuds.


This Latin pastry is the stuff that dreams are made of. Chock full of beef, potatoes and a bunch of spices, these empanadas prove that good things do come in small packages.

Olive a good spread... How about you? This traditional olive and onion tapenade is ideal for the olive lover in you. Spread it on slices of baguette bread or offer it up as a dip with carrots, celery or peppers. It's a real people pleaser, especially if said people are hungry.

Omelets can make tasty appetizers if mixed with diverse and interesting ingredients.

Have we got a shell of a nut recipe for you... This nut medley is prepared with a handful of fresh herbs that bring a whole lot of flavor to the table. Take a crack at this offering.


Here's a dip that is full of heart...hearts of palm, that is. Enjoy this tasty take on traditional spinach dip. Elevate this party favorite to the next level with a few out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. Serve with chips and fresh veggies. 

Wonton wrappers filled with shrimps, bell pepper, onion and chipotle salsa will do the rest.


Here's an appetizer that's shrimply irresistible. When you're looking for a starter that has plenty of appeal, give this shrimp cocktail a try. A dish best served cold, you'll want to keep this tasty offering on ice.

If you like a thick texture, chop the ingredients by hand and spread the mixture over bagel chips.

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