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Pump up the nutrition in the usual high-fat white pizza with this delicious version that bakes up hot, cheesy and delicious.

Have your pizza and eat it, too! For a fraction of the cost and fat grams of a delivery pie, this version is chock-full of nutritious veggies. Add whichever ones you like to customize the taste.

Pizza lovers can even eat pizza for dessert with this fruity, fun concoction. It's a sweet way to end a meal and a great way to get in a serving of fruit, too!

Experience the flipside of unhealthy, greasy pizza by making this hearty dish. The crust goes on top, and there's nothing but goodness underneath!

This recipe is perfect for satisfying those voracious pizza cravings. It makes a super lunch or quick dinner and is much healthier than delivery. Get creative with your favorite veggie toppings for variety.

When you combine the best of both worlds, you get a pita pizza. Throw on some toppings that you'd normally see on a pizza and you've got yourself a deluxe hybrid of deliciousness.

We pita the fools who don't give this nutrient-packed pizza a spin. It can be tossed together in a matter of minutes. It's healthy and hearty to boot.

We've got a classic tomato pizza that really delivers. This healthy pie with a whole-wheat crust uses fresh tomatoes to make the grade. It'a slice of gourmet goodness.


You'll never look at pizza the same way again. Traditional crust, crabmeat, cream cheese and herbs make this family favorite a shell of a meal. It's a slice of heaven.

If you've tried and tried again to get your kids to eat zucchini, you're not completely out of option. These mini pizzas are topped with the healthy vegetables, and we're willing to bet it'll be love at first bite.

Ready for a pizza convenience? These mini pizzas are a slice of Italian heaven. They make a great afternoon snack for adults and kids alike and take no time at all.

Here's a flavorsome vegetarian pizza with cheddar cheese and all the veggies you like. Topped with green onions, tomatoes, broccoli and green peppers, it's better than any takeout off the street.

This Greek spinach pie is called Spanakopita, and is perfect as a side dish or as an appetizer. Although it may take some extra effort to prepare, it's well worth enjoying this traditional Greek dish.

The great thing about calzones is that beyond the basics, you can add and subtract what you like. Stuff this pizza-like pastry with your favorite toppings.

Two flour tortilla are camouflaged as a pizza pie. In between the two layers is a surprising treasure of flavors!


This pizza will give you peace of mind. It's healthy and oh so simple. Enjoy a slice of Italian heaven, made for you... by you. It's the perfect way to get your children to veg out. 


Hungry for a pizza heaven? This homemade pie relies on fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. One bite and you will quickly realize that it's a slice of heaven.


It's the most popular and greasy pizza in Italy! Fried dough is usually sold as street food but is sometimes included in the menu of fancy restaurants. Get your fix of fried dough in the comfort of your own home.

Half moon shaped pizza stuffed with everything you like. With sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese, it's loaded with goodness.

If pizza has you seeing red, simply skip the tomato sauce and opt for this white version. Prepared with ricotta and a host of fresh veggies, it's a true slice of heaven. One taste and you'll say that's amore.

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