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Try these savory tenders when you're in the mood for fried chicken. It's a healthier alternative, and the kids will never know the difference!

Don't feel bad about serving the kids high-fat chicken nuggets anymore. This recipe is a perfect compromise for everyone and will save you a trip to the drive-thru!

This elegant, rich dish will only look like you slaved over it. Your guests will be impressed, and its simplicity – and diet-friendliness -- can be your little secret!

This one-dish meal has it all – plenty of protein, veggies and carbs to satisfy everyone. Best of all, it's hearty, comforting and tastes fabulous!

Italian flavor defines this dish – cheese, herb and tomato flavors come together stuffed into the perfect package. You'll love this fresh change from the same old chicken.

This delicious, unique recipe offers a little bit of everything – protein, vegetables and lots of flavor. The prep work is worth the effort, and you can make extras and freeze for later!

Take a delicious departure from plain old chicken with this zesty dish. Tangy, saucy and fabulous…it's perfect for company or just a weeknight dinner!

If you like this appetizer when you're out to dinner, then you'll love the convenience of making it at home. There's plenty of zip in the dip, so pour it on!

Put some Delhi in your belly with this easy Indian dish. Korma is a traditional Indian curry -- impress your guests and family with this flavorful offering.

Need a quick, one-dish meal? This hearty, homestyle grub fits the bill. It's filling, tasty and best of all, chock full of veggies!


The crockpot works its magic on this savory dish to create an easy, elegant meal that's perfect over rice. Save time and effort and impress your guests!

Sometimes simple is simply perfect. This juicy, savory marinade makes the meal and spices up plain old grilled chicken for a real taste treat that everyone will enjoy.

A little spicy, a little sweet…this chicken salad is unique and flavorful. It makes a satisfying addition to any potluck or picnic and can be made up to a day ahead.

This healthful and tasty salad is picnic-perfect and makes a fabulous summer meal served with fresh bread and a salad.

Get creative with this healthful twist on the traditional taco. Add your favorite veggies and taco fixins and wrap it all up in a soft corn tortilla if you like. You won't even miss the ground beef!

This gravy-like meal will put your leftovers to good use. Give it a try served over hot rolls or biscuits for a hearty twist on comfort food.

Nothing beats delicious, juicy fried chicken, but high fat and calories can equal rain on your perfect picnic. Try this skinless chicken baked in the oven for that crispy, moist texture.

This classic Italian dish is perfect when you want to serve up a little amore and stir up some romance. Try it over a simple pasta with a green salad.

Need an upgrade for the same old, same old grilled chicken? Kick it up without adding fat. The fresh flavors of lemon and herbs make this a beautiful bird dish!

So quick and easy, the lemony chicken salad is both great taste and great flavor. There's no way you won't end this meal without feeling satisfied.