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Bring a party to the picnic with this classic dish that everyone can feel good about indulging in. Use Yukon Gold potatoes for extra richness.

This classic salad makes a beautiful dinner party presentation or jazzes up a simple weeknight supper with its unique flavors and dressing. It's definitely not the same old salad!

Enjoy flavors of the Far East when you whip up a batch of this flavorful, kicky seafood dish. It's fabulous served over rice or chilled and served over fresh greens.

You'll go "soy" nuts for this shrimply irresistible, low-fat salad. It's got plenty of delicious veggies, yummy edamame and tangy flavors like cilantro and lime!

The only thing surprising about this salad is how many times you'll want to serve it! A little bit sweet, a little bit salty – this mix has it all and is super easy to prepare.

Skip the drive-thru and opt for a fresh taco salad instead. This one is packed with flavor and plenty of veggies. Best of all, it's much better for you!

When you're in the mood for healthy Asian fare, this tempting chicken salad does the trick. Loaded with great-tasting ingredients, your diners are sure to flock to the table.

Man up and enjoy a tasty salad that's high on flavor and nutrition. It's hearty, healthful and perfect for all your guests. Plus, it's ready in a snap!

Beans really are magical in this hearty, veggie-filled treat. Add some crusty bread to make it a meal or serve as a versatile side with just about anything.

A little spicy, a little sweet…this chicken salad is unique and flavorful. It makes a satisfying addition to any potluck or picnic and can be made up to a day ahead.

This fruity concoction is delightfully creamy without all the fat and calories of traditional fruit dressings.

It's no mystery why this salad is so good. This spicy dish delivers the tastes of sweet, sour, hot and salty to the table for a refreshingly different summertime salad.

Looking for an alternative to the same old salad? Try this Middle Eastern-influenced treat, high in protein and flavor!

Looking for an alternative to the same old sides? This fresh idea makes creamy coleslaw even better. Try it at your next barbecue or potluck!

Customize this recipe to your taste by choosing whichever marinade you like. Both are delicious and make for a savory, healthful, one-dish meal.


Go Greek with this fabulous broccoli and feta salad that's packed with a wealth of exotic flavors. From the olives to the feta, you can't go wrong with this lively side.

Want a palate-pleasing potato salad that will have you seeing red? Made from small red potatoes, this side is big in flavor. Did we mention it has plenty of appeal?

Name this tuna salad whatever you want. Chock full of great-tasting ingredients, there's nothing fishy about this healthy endeavor of the sea.

There's just two simple steps to these chili potatoes. While the potatoes are baking, saute and simmer the other ingredients together. The tasty chili sauce is then served over this hot tater.

You will agree with the name of this recipe, and call it quite lovely once you've finished. Stick to the instructions of this recipe and prepare yourself for a bean chili salad!