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Don't panic next time the kids come in from school demanding a snack. A handful of this munchable, crunchable snack is tasty, satisfying and nutritious.

Forget the sugary fruit roll-ups your kids beg for! Save money – and keep the sugar in check – by making your own fruit leather at home.

Veg out with this amazing appetizer. These breaded veggies bites aren't just nutritious, they're satisfying. Enjoy a healthy alternative to unhealthy snacks.

Prepare your tastebuds for a snack experience that satisfies your cravings for salty or sweet. You'll enjoy following this trail mix right to your stomach.

This treat satisfies a chocolate craving that the whole family will enjoy. Try it on movie night!

How do you like them apples? Here are chewy cookies with a unique taste! Take a bite out of this apple now.

Can't live with just crispy? Well, this is super crispy. This treat is a way to boost your energy in the morning or enjoy any time of the day as a snack.

Been craving pita? This healthy, vegetarian dish will satisfy your craving and impress your friends with its tasty simplicity.

There are some great meatless ways to get your protein -- and this baked tofu is just one of them. There's no denying this dynamic dish packs a lean, mean protein punch.

Freshen up with this innovative vegetarian sandwich. With cheese as the main staple. the cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and guacamole make this the ultimate meatless medley.

Prepare to go nuts. This sausage, apple and nut sandwich is something to write home about. You'll be hard-pressed to find someone that can resist such gourmet goodness.

Hot dog this a good meal. Let us be frank -- there are few hot dog recipes that compare to this one. It's heaven on a bun.

It's okay to be crabby... really. This seafood surprise will satisfy even the pickiest crab aficionado. It's a shell of a sandwich.

Start spreading the news... This to-die-for deli sandwich is like nothing you've tasted before. And did we mention it's both hearty and healthy?

Who says that fish and cheese don't go well together? This grilled sandwich combines the great taste of lemon, onion, and salmon.

Get ready for something juicy. This tempting tomato sandwich will knock your socks off. When combined with cheddar cheese, onions and mayo, it's the stuff that lunch dreams are made of.

Talk about gourmet goodness. Sink your teeth into this decadent baguette sandwich loaded with prosciutto, Swiss cheese and a host of fresh vegetables, ranging from zucchini to red onion.

Wondering where the beef is? Well, look no further. This amazing roast beef sandwich is chock full of goodness. It's sure to melt in your mouth.

Most people don't realize that there are countless ways to utilize eggplant. This eggplant and cheese sandwich is just one of them. No matter how you slice it -- it's downright delicious.

Feeling corny? This corned beef and slaw medley makes for a great deli sandwich. It takes just minutes to make, but you'll be satisfied for hours.