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Everyone can benefit from this healthful legume, which has plenty of fiber, protein and flavor. You're golden when you make this savory, comforting soup!


Don't confuse it with Yentyl or gentle -- this is lentil soup we're talking about. This popular pottage is teeming with great taste -- from the ham to the carrots to the beans.

There's no way your loved ones are going to blackball this chicken black bean soup. In fact, they'll likely love every spoonful especially when they find out it's healthy.

If you haven't tried a cool and refreshing fruit concoction, you don't know what you're missing. This cantaloupe soup has plenty of appeal and is great any time of day.

They call it mellow yellow. Kick back with a cup of this soothing country corn chowder. It's guilt free and so darn good. Sometimes it's okay to be corny!

Stick a feather in your cap and call it macaroni bean soup. This healthy bean soup is loaded with nutrition. Get your five a day in one great dish.

How about some chicken soup for your soul... and your stomach? This homemade chicken noodle soup is second to none. Let it nurse you back to health.

Rice, rice, baby! This is a “mock” casserole that requires a microwave, but is very simple to make. You'll be wishing you'd made more once you've tried it.


You think you've bean there, done that. But you haven't until you've tried this ultimate bean medley. Prepared with a host of vegetables, it's the perfect way to light your fiber. You'll love every spoonful.

Chili out with this recipe that relies on pork not beef for flavor. Much like traditional chili, it's chock full of tomatoes and beans. Top with cheese, lettuce and sour cream for an extra southwestern kick.

If you've never samples moose, you may be missing out. Open your mind -- and your mouth -- to this unique moose chili.

Are you fond of Chow Mein noodles? If yes, you will enjoy this pork stew rich in more Oriental flavors than you can imagine. Chow down on this palate-pleasing pork dish.

Hungry for fresh seafood? Rock this lobster stew. Prepared with just a few simple ingredients, this taste of heaven is sure to bowl you over. You and your guests will love every spoonful.

It's okay to stew over this shrimp concoction. Prepared with a roux base and a couple of fresh veggies, it makes for a shell of a shrimp dish. Soup is on!

Although this scintillating stew takes some serious preparation time, it's worth every minute. Whether it's a cold day or a warm night, put the soup on.

This dish will fill your home with a wonderful aroma. Loaded with flavorful chicken and soft, crispy garlic cloves, you'll thoroughly enjoy soaking hot bread in this stew.

Got pork? If so, whip up a batch of this sausage stew chock full of fresh vegetables and fabulous flavor. Serve this fantastic dish with French baguette. Your guests will love every spoonful.

You don't have to be in France to do as the French do. This fabulous French Chestnut Soup provides an exotic taste right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Say au revoir to boring soups and bonjour to a palate-pleasing pottage.

This soup is basically a colorful fruit salad easily transformed into an appealing dessert soup. Use the fruits of late summer for best results.

When you're hardly in the mood to slave over a hot stove, chill out with this Middle Eastern cucumber soup. It's simply divine on its own or with a traditional meal.