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This fabulous, hearty soup amounts to more than a hill of beans when it comes to flavor and nutrition. Black beans offer protein, and spinach is packed with nutrients.

Everyone can benefit from this healthful legume, which has plenty of fiber, protein and flavor. You're golden when you make this savory, comforting soup!

Make a hot, satisfying stew with this low-maintenance, slow-cooked delicacy. It's spicy and ready to serve up when you come in from the cold.

Stew on this recipe. You can make a diet-friendly beef stew that is full of flavor without the fat. There's no question as to where the beef is -- it's in your bowl!

It's chicken and dumplings tonight. Made from scratch, these little dumplings are sure to melt in your mouth not in your pans. Try a batch tonight!

Beans and beef are the two main staples in this casserole delight that's the ultimate comfort food. Serve along side rice and a salad.

In a region perhaps best known for its chili, the southern-style variety is a can't miss. This chili can be made the day before serving and it freezes well. Y'all won't be let down!

If you've bean there, done that, you'll love this chili that leaves out the legumes. And for those who do love those beans, simply add them at the end.

Your basic chili dish just got a little bulkier with the addition of rice. If you're in the mood to go against the grain, call it macaroni in its place. You won't be disappointed.

Try something new with old-style flavor! The mushroom soup brings home the taste with this basic chili beef pottage that can be prepared by even the most novice chef.

This chicken stew prepares a delicious one-dish meal. It meats all the necessary requirements for being Kosher. It's good for those special Jewish holidays... or any other day. Serve with bagels.

Talk about a fenn-omenal dish. This beef and fennel stew goes down so smooth. It's loaded with so many great-tasting ingredients you'll be stuffed after one bowl.


If you're a connoisseur of chili, this is one dish you'll definitely want to download. A delicious version of chili con carne, it is guaranteed to bowl you over. One bite, and you'll fall in love. Dive in tonight!

This traditional Bavarian beef recipe will give you plenty to stew over. The vinegar and cabbage provides that extra zing that most meat dishes are missing. When you are looking for the perfect comfort food, warm up with this dynamic dish.


Stew over this stout soup. Chock-full of Mexican flavors such as onion, cilantro, hominy and tomatoes, this soup goes great with rice or your favorite bread. We promise you will love every spoonful.


Although this recipe calls for beef, make the night even more tender by using juicy lamb as the main staple in this stew. Serve with a side of warm bread and a fresh salad.

Healthy and hearty. That's the best way to describe this pleasing potage that's loaded with fresh vegetables. All the vitamins and nutrients you need in one loaded pot. Enjoy!

You've never had eggs like this. Of that we can assure you. One taste of this stew and you'll never look at breakfast the same way again. A mouth-watering, exotic meal in a matter of minutes...

Your favorite ingredients come together in this pork posole. With a base of chicken broth, this Mexican stew also draws upon spices such as chili powder and cumin for a palate-pleasing production.

You'll hold this venison stew near and "deer" to your heart. Chock full of vegetables and potatoes, it's simply delicious and can easily pass as an entire meal in one dish.

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