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Take a trip to the Mediterranean with this recipe that features Italian tortellini with a Greek accent. The black olives and feta cheese add the final flavorful touches to this tasty dish.


When you're looking for a gourmet Italian recipe that's quick and convenient, look no further than this tempting pasta dish that's prepared with ready-made tortellini. It's creamy and dreamy.

The ready-made tortellini take a lot of the grunt work out of this cheese and veggies pasta dish. This well-rounded dish is chock full of goodness.

This is great with other fresh vegetables like zucchini or squash too. It makes for a wonderful quick meal.

This is a delicious way to cook the yellow squash. Sauce may also be frozen for use later.


When you are tired of the same old pasta dishes, use your noodle and whip up a batch of this mushroom and cheese tortellini with fontina sauce. If you're a pumpkin eater, this is one dish you'll definitely find delightful, especially when looking for fabulous fall recipes.

This cold tortellini salad with artichokes and tomatoes makes a perfect vegetarian meal.

Talk about a palate-pleasing pasta. This quick and easy dish combines the great taste of tortellini and shrimp. It's a creamy creation that's sure to put the steam back in your boat.

There's cheese tortellini and then there's this enhanced version of the Italian classic. Prepared with a host of palatable ingredients, this dish will go down as a keeper.


This comfort food with an Italian twist is even better with broccoli and carrots, not to mention cheese tortellini.

There's salad of the lettuce and tomato variation and then there's palate-pleasing pasta offering. Prepared with bacon, broccoli, sunflower seeds and red onions, the tortellini-based dish is the perfect dish for just about any occasion no matter how big or small.

This is an elegant, tasteful and creamy dish. It's so rich in flavor you can't help but go back for seconds.

You can tuna great tortellini dish into a mouthwatering surprise. This tuna and cheese tortellini casserole is an all-around tasty experience.

This tasty, hearty soup has the tingle of a dash of hot pepper sauce, to warm up your body. The blend of vegetables makes it a healthy meal for the whole family.

Use your noodle and prepare this Italian feast on any given Sunday. This palate-pleasing pasta dish can actually be prepared with the variety of your choice -- from ravioli to penne.