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For those who are a bit adventurous when it comes to food, this is your dressing. Anchovy fillets with olive oil, vinegar, mustard garlic and salt and pepper make for a very tasty salad.

If you're following a low-sodium diet, this salad dressing is just what the doctor ordered. A healthy blend of canola oil, honey, vinegar and horseradish, you won't go away unsatisfied.

Talk about a salad dressing that's the bomb. This tangy blend calls upon vinegar, red pepper and pickled beets to lend some filling flavors to your salad.

This dressing is perfect over a Japanese dish of sliced meat, bean curd and vegetables that are seasoned and fried. Or you can serve over fresh greens.

Oh soy can you see! This dressing brings the taste of Tokyo to the table. Serve over lettuce, carrots and cukes for a great-tasting salad.

Open sesame -- this white pepper salad dressing is a tangy & tempting blend that combines tarragon vinegar, white pepper, Parmesan and sesame seeds. It's an adventure in taste.

Ginger is more than just a character on Gilligan's Island -- it's one of the most flavorful ingredients of a first-class salad dressing.

This mayo-based dressing can be used for salad greens, coleslaw or potato salads. You decide. Whip up the base ingredients and then combine an equal part mayo right before serving.

When you're fed up with the same old salad dressings, this herb-infused concoction is a welcomed deviation from the norm. Give your greens a great twist tonight.

Some like it hot... and those who do will love this mouth-watering salad dressing made from scratch. Use it to dress up your favorite fresh greens.

Oh sweet thing, this maple dressing is about to become your everything. Whether it's on salad, fish or fruit, a little bit of this maple dressing goes a long way.

It's time you mustard up the courage to whip up your own homemade dressing. This honey mustard recipe will go great on a salad, a chicken breast or whatever else you opt for.

This recipe makes for a garden salad that's second to none. The combination of wet and dry ingredients makes a batch of dressing that you'll use over and over again.

Get ready to win the award for best dressed... salad, that is. This Cesar-esque dressing is a great way to dress up your greens. Go Greek tonight.

What a spread! This onion-infused sandwich topper lends plenty of appeal, regardless of what you're pairing it with. Eat some now, save some for later.

We've taken the greatest ingredients and combined them together for a palatable pear and walnut salad. Go green!

Hungry for a healthy and hearty salad? Just beet it. Serve boiled beets marinated in a sweet and spicy vinaigrette dressing for best results. Loaded with anti-oxidants, it's the ultimate dish for optimum health.

This salad combines three different types of beans. Serve it with red wine. If you haven't tried it, you haven't bean living.

Serve this delightful salad to your friends, and they will think you have been working over-thyme in the garden. You can change the amount of each type of green, as you like. Lettuce rejoice over this healthy offering.

Serve it with your favorite dressing and do not feel frugal while eating this!

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