Cranberry-Apple Sangria

Cranberry-Apple Sangria

Cranberry-Apple Sangria

This delicious variation of sangria would be a great match for a Seafood Paella. Add orange and green apple for a beautiful decoration. It's best to make sangria a day in advance to allow the fruit to soak up the flavor of the liquids.

At a glance
4 servings


4 oz. canned cranberries, pureed

1 (8 oz.) bottle Chardonnay wine
1 (8 oz.) bottle white zinfandel wine
2 oz. Tuaca liquor
1 2/3 oz. sour apple liqueur
1 2/3 oz. triple sec
4 oz. cranberry juice
2 oz. orange juice
Green apple and orange slices for garnish


Place the canned cranberries in a blender and puree for approximately 4-5 seconds until smooth. In a two-quart container or pitcher, combine all the ingredients. Stir well and store in refrigerator until ready to serve. Serve approximately 6 oz. of the beverage over ice in a tall glass. Decorate with a fresh skewer of fruit using the orange wedges and green apple chunks.

Additional Tips

Ready in 10 min

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