Whistlin' Whiskey

Whistlin' Whiskey

Whistlin' Whiskey
Forget whistling Dixie -- you'll be whistling whiskey with this beverage. The combinations of a few traditional drinks comes together for a taste that's completely out of the ordinary. Stir up a bowl of this concoction and it will surely be the life of the party.
At a glance
20 servings

1 (12 fluid oz.) can frozen lemonade concentrate 1 (6 oz.) can frozen orange juice concentrate 2 cups strong brewed black tea 1 cup white sugar 2 cups whiskey 7 cups water 1 quart ginger ale soda 2 lemons - cut into wedges, for garnish


In a large plastic container combine lemonade concentrate, orange juice concentrate, tea, sugar, whiskey and water. Mix well and freeze for 24 hours. Scoop into a tall glass, 3/4 full, and pour ginger ale to fill the glass. Stir and garnish with lemon wedges.

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Additional Tips
Ready in 10 min

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