Hot Hair Accessories for Your Workout

It's possible to get fit while looking fashionable. The secret is making a small investment into the hottest hair accessories, designed with your workout in mind. While cheap elastics are the old standby for most women, some female athletes want a hair accessory with a little more substance. That's where these hot items come into play. These functional accessories keep your exercise regimen from getting hairy at the most inopportune times. Most women provide the comfort and convenience of sports headbands. Asics makes a 6-pack of silicon gripper headbands, which come in a variety of colors. You'll spend about $15 on this assortment of one-size-fits-all headbands. Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on. The Fastest Track Seamless Headband was designed with this in mind. This stretchy headband by Athleta is made of nylon and spandex and wicks away the sweat.

Regardless of whether you're spinning, sprinting or stretching, this three-in-one headband keeps hair from falling in your eyes. It retails for $14. The Fly Away Tamer Headband by Luluemon catches those flyaways and keeps them in place. The Fly Away Tamer Headband is made from luon, Lululemon's signature fabric and offers a 4-way stretch. Get yours in a variety of colors for just $15. If you're one of those women who think headbands are a major headache, there are other options for you. For women who are constantly struggling with tangles and knots, pick up Snag-Free Elastics by Sephora. For just $3.50, you'll get 8 hair ties that seamlessly go in and out of the hair -- no tangles, no knots.