Makeup: Order, Please!

Does it really matter in what sequence you put on your makeup? Most of us just think if we cover up those imperfections, throw on a bit of color and jazz up our skin, we're done. But taking the right steps and putting on makeup in a certain order can make a big difference when it comes to the hassle of putting on makeup, preventing mistakes and having it stay on longer. First, apply your primers - skin, eyeshadow, etc. Then the eyes have it - it may sound strange to start with eye makeup, but when you use glittery shadows or other "sticky" colors, you'll save yourself more time if you make a mistake. That way, when you take off the excess color, you'll only have to reapply it - not the layers underneath. Go with shadow first, then liner and mascara last. Next, prep any blemishes you plan to cover with concealer.

Dab a bit of moisturizer on the spot to keep concealer from caking. Foundation goes on after concealer, then powder all over follows to prevent shine. Top it off with blush, and don't be shy about color. Powder formulas go on more sheer than you might think, and a brighter color than you might want could enliven a sallow complexion better than more muted colors. Your lip color goes last. If you use a bright or dark color, then line lips first and then use a brush to apply color with precision. Finish your look by deciding how to groom your brows. For a dramatic look, apply pencil to brows to darken and fill in light spots. Then follow with brow gel. If you like a lighter look, simply groom with brow gel.