Be Accountable

It's far too easy to blame other people for your weight problem. Maybe your spouse is critical of your appearance or weight, and it drives you to eat. Perhaps obesity runs in your genes. We can all come up with a million reasons why we're overweight. However, playing the blame game won't accomplish anything. Be accountable for your situation and take responsibility. Nobody is force-feeding you that second slice of pizza. Start taking the measures that are going to ensure that you lose weight and stop pointing fingers. The only person who can determine the fate of your weight-loss efforts is you. But in order to be successful, it helps to have the support of your loved ones and friends. Try seeing it from their side - will your new, healthy lifestyle alienate them?
Make them feel guilty about what they eat? Is exercising and not eating the foods you both once shared making them feel neglected? Avoid the sabotage they may inadvertently inflict on your diet by being honest and forthcoming about your expectations before beginning a weight-loss regimen. Let your loved ones know that you won't be accepting seconds; invite them to exercise with you; and most important, let them know that you may slip on your diet, and you don't need them to rub it in when and if that happens. If everyone knows your expectations from the outset, then they'll be more likely to support you.