Chef's Diet

ImageKevin Costner... Ivanka Trump... Tanya Ballinger Waugh...

They are just a few of the individuals who swear by the Chef's Diet, a nationwide home meal delivery service that caters to celebrities, doctors and a host of other clients who like to watch their weight while enjoying their meals. With programs starting at just $9.99, the Chef's Diet delivers results. Great food and better results are two of the leading reasons people keep coming back for more.

The Chef's Diet meal plan is based on the 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% favorable fats ratio that was coined by Dr. Barry Sears. The Chef's Diet has many benefits that include increased energy levels, weight loss, lean body mass and balanced blood sugar levels.

With both a licensed clinical nutritionist and an award-winning chef on staff, Chef's Diet makes sure that clients get the best of both worlds -- palate-pleasing meals that are healthy and promote weight loss. The plan takes the guesswork out of dieting because all of your meals are prepared for you and brought to your doorstep.

ImageA typical day's meals looks like this...

Morning cinnamon sugar crepe with mascarpone and ricotta cheese with a fresh blueberry compote

Kobe beef Philly cheese steak over fresh baked 7 grain bread

Beefsteak tomato with Vidalia onion, Canadian bacon with Peter LugerTM steak sauce

Lobster tail complimented with a side homemade apple chicken sausage stuffing

JuniorsTM low carb sugarfree cheesecake specially prepared for cs Chefs Diet®

While they do offer the $9.99, most of the plans range from $19.99 a day to $39.99 a day depending on whether you get the full course plan or lesser meals.