Spot the Signs of a Dangerous Person

Whether you're considering being in a relationship with a person or simply having a casual interaction with them, there are certain signs you shouldn't ignore if you suspect potential problems. Experts say never to ignore that "inner voice" that throws up red flags when interacting with someone. Your subconscious may pick up signals that you may not consciously acknowledge; perhaps you noticed a shadow in a doorway but didn't really acknowledge it because you were too busy digging your keys out of your purse. That uneasy feeling that you can't seem to explain shouldn't be ignored in this case. Many women feel like they mustn't crack the veneer of "being polite," even at the cost of staying safe, so they may encourage dangerous people to continue or elevate their behavior. Resist the urge to keep things civil if your personal safety is at stake. Some signs of people who may intend to hurt you - either casually or in a blossoming relationship - will try to make an intense personal connection with you almost immediately. They may seem "passionate," but people who may want to harm you - emotionally or physically - will try to rope you in early in order to make it more difficult for you to extricate yourself from the situation. A romantic interest may portray a "you and me against the world" situation in order to force you to rely on him or her completely. A person with a criminal record is worth looking into further - regardless of whether the infraction was a "misunderstanding" as he or she may portray it or if the crime was more sinister; there may be more than meets the eye. A person who seems to have a slew of relationship notches on his or her belt needs further investigation as well. A history of failed relationships exhibits his or her inability to learn from mistakes and keep from repeating them in the future. Trust yourself when embarking on a new relationship, however superficial it might be.