Don't Be a Butt-head: Join the Smokeout

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Celebrate the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout by butting out. We're talking about extinguishing those cigarettes for good. Every year, the Great Smokeout is held on the third Thursday of November.

To participate in this event, which went national in 1977, smokers take part by cutting back on the amount they smoke or by quitting altogether. The basic concept is that people quit smoking for the 24 hours of the Smokeout. It goes to show that even if you don't stop smoking permanently, you can at least make it through a day. It's a pretty lofty endeavor but one that can save a life. It's hard to believe that 1 in 3 cancer deaths are caused by smoking and that 8.6 million are suffering from a debilitating disease as the result of smoking. Despite those frightening statistics, the American Cancer Society estimates that 43 million people are still smoking.