Your Christmas Survival Guide
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
"Twas the night before Christmas and hopefully you're armed with a plan for surviving the big day without a major diet derailment. By following a few helpful hints, you can be sure you'll stay on track and still enjoy the merriment. For many... Read More
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Osteoporosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
By Peter Rodrick Basically, osteoporosis means porous bones. In the Greek it translates as "passages through bones." (This makes...
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Is Your Daily Diet Affecting Your Bone Health?
By Lauren S. Johnson It is no surprise that vitamin D and calcium are responsible for warding off osteoporosis. However, not too many...
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10 Super Brain Foods That Improve Intellect
By Robert Riles There are many foods that help improve the memory power. Consuming these foods not only greatly enhances the memory...
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