Feast Your Eyes and Stomach On Bread, Wine and Cheese!
Today's Diet & Fitness Tip
Prepare to enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean. Dieting doesn't have to be about deprivation, especially when you follow a Mediterranean-style way of eating. Chock full of some of the healthiest - and heartiest - foods you can imagine, the... Read More
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Best Workout Gadgets
While some workout gadgets are worth their weight in gold, others are a complete waste of time and effort. Using workout tools correctly...
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Best Abdominal Exercises
Flat six-pack abs seems to be what everyone strives for when they hit the gym or get exercising. And why not? A strong core is the...
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Why Exercise Variety Leads to Fitness Success
by Shannon Beineke There's a lot to be said for mixing up your workout. Varying your exercise routine benefits the body as well as the...
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