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A lot can happen in 21 days. Just ask trainer-to-the-stars Jeanette Jenkins, who swears that within three weeks you can alter your life, lose weight and get on the fast-track to a healthier, happier you. With eight workout videos under her... Read More
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7 Ways to Stay Motivated
By Diane Corriette You know what it's like. You set yourself a goal, something you want to achieve. You are excited and ready to take...
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10 Weight Loss Tips - Get Ready to Slim Down Without the Back-Breaking Effort
There are two essentially important things that Americans are struggling with -- health and fitness. Records show that the most...
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How to Use a Diet Diary for Better Weight Loss
By Ron Subs Diets like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem offer a diet and fitness diary with their plan. Before you throw...
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