Motivational Books to Move You

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There are several books that one can keep returning to for motivation, reassurance, perspective and the always-needed reality check.

A healthy lifestyle is much more than a workout routine or a diet. These books address it all -- attitude, humor, philosophy, culture, environment. We are what we choose to be, simple enough. That is not to say that we cannot use the occasional carrot at the end of the stick or perhaps a whip hanging over our heads.

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by Gordon Livingston, MD is subtitled "Thirty True Things You Need to Know Now." This author's wisdom is well-earned, from the sadness as well as the joys of life. The author is a psychiatrist and shares his observations and lessons from a lifetime of listening, helping and living. It offers a good perspective from which to begin your overview, and a very readable format.

Another de-fusing-the-hype book is Kat James' The Truth About Beauty Transform Your Looks and Your Life From the Inside Out. Directed to women, it has a great deal for any person interested in combining the best resources and natural approaches to self-transformation. It connects all the dots between factors affecting our appearance, our minds and bodies and environments. The author challenges many long-standing edicts about beauty and health. It is truly about vitality. The beauty she discusses is the real thing!

Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning is another realistic and doable routine-oriented book. An experienced fitness coach, Cruise includes resources and charts to facilitate your individual progress and commitment to personal changes. You will, indeed, move with this book! The practical and measured daily effort is one that most people can manage. It is unisex-oriented and upbeat.