5 Day Miracle Diet

Ralph Fiennes the actor did it as did author Adele Puhn.

This refers to regiments of stabilized blood sugar and consistent weight loss. But like many kinds of diets, there is a catch. First off, it is impossible to lose the weight in five days. But one can stabilize their blood sugar levels. That's the theory behind this "miracle" working diet.

In Puhn's own words, you'll eliminate all of your cravings for junk food prior to five days of starting this diet by following the guidelines. Once these kinds of cravings are gone, you're sure to lose weight, she says.

The 5-Day Miracle Diet hones in on two factors: the time one eats at and the types of foods they eat. These are the contributors to blood sugar spikes throughout the day, which forces individual to binge eat. Controlling blood sugar is crucial and makes one less likely to reach for some M&M's or a Krispy Kreme donut. By getting rid of these cravings, the overwhelming desires for starch, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and fat will slowly disappear.

Breakfast means one serving of protein and one serving of starch. Consume a "hard chew" snack like celery, apples, or pears within two hours of breakfast. Eat another "hard chew" snack within two hours of this inital snack or enjoy a serving of protein and a serving of vegetables during lunch.

Ideally, the snack during the afternoon should be a hard or soft chew, from a fruit high in sugar. For dinner, the meal should include both proteins and vegetables. The plan allows for a minimal consumption of whole grains, starchy vegetables, beans or potatoes on alternating days.

This "miracle" worker comes with a heavy price. There are some strict rules for using Puhn's 5-Day Miracle Diet. To name a few... One has to eat within a half hour after they wake up, unless they are exercising. One must also switch between hard chew and soft chew snacks at exact times during the day. Lunch has got to be consumed prior to 1 p.m. and dinner should be eaten no later than 6 or 7 p.m. Afternoon snacks must be spaced out no more than three hours apart. Yogurt, bananas, and bagels are completely off limits. Even just one misstep and it is back to square one.

The "loss" on the scale is quite predominantly water. The diet is very low in calories and does not give the nutrients essential for optimal health. Like many other weight-loss resources that promise a quick fix, the 5 Day Miracle is one that could possibly be hazardous to someones health and is extremely tough to handle over a long period of time.