What's Your Sign? Not A Bad Question

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It used to be that astrology and the zodiac played a role in people's everyday lives. What now seems like a cheesy pickup line - "what's your sign" - was once considered a valid question to ask. However, if you are single and are involved in the dating scene, when someone asks you what your sign is, you may want to pay a bit more attention.

When it comes to astrology, most people go no further than to take a quick glance at their horoscope in the newspaper - some, of course, need to look at the dates for the zodiac signs each day in order to find the horoscope that is theirs. Those who take the time to read their horoscope often dismiss what they read and consider that anything that does go according of what was written to be mere coincidence.

Some people, however, take the time to understand the difference between water signs and fire signs and make it a point to understand that, in many cases, those with one zodiac sign are most compatible with those from another specific sign than others. Some people believe that, when it comes to romance and dating, finding a compatible partner takes finding compatible star signs or, at the very least, getting a sense of what the other party is looking for in a date or a sense of his or her personality.