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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
This morning, with the moon-Pluto square, we'll likely feel a bit more raw than usual. You can expect periods of intense, compulsive acting out by you or those around you. If you've been experiencing a sense of peace and balance lately, these dramatic emotions and behaviors won't have nearly as much effect on you than on those who have been feeling unnerved. Best to avoid any conflicts with family, friends, partners, or colleagues today because the reactions could be volatile. Things ought to become a bit more grounded and stable once the moon moves into Taurus around midday.

In the early evening, Mars conjoins Uranus, which means you might be feeling a bit trapped in your life and regretting your choices. This is likely just the transit, so don't act too hastily!

This erratic time is also brought to you by the moon-Saturn square later tonight. When this takes place, we could dive even deeper into feelings of shame and regret, but again, this is likely just the transit bringing on false feelings. Use this as an opportunity to count your blessings. If you believe you really are trapped, start working on an escape plan, but don't put anything into action just yet. Sit with it for a few days at least.
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