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Friday, January 21, 2022
The moon is in Virgo today. The planetary ruler of Virgo is Mercury, which is currently in retrograde motion. This planetary backspin could have a direct affect on our emotional well-being throughout the day. Logic and reason won't hold any importance now, as we lean into our intuition and emotions.

This could give us all a desire to evolve and move forward in life—but with care. Add in Venus retrograde, and we can expect the vibe to make us feel out of touch with reality and more intuitive as well as mentally and physically exhausted.

Recent changes at work could make you lose your professional footing. All the more reason for you to discuss the future of your position with your boss this week. Schedule a meeting to have a heart-to-heart talk about your role in the company.

The flip side is that you've been working immensely hard to reach all your goals at lightning speed, and now you're burned out. The lesson you're learning is that you have to spend equal time focusing on your professional aspirations and self-care. Then, you won't feel so bogged down from overextending your energy.
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