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Thursday, August 13, 2020
The Gemini moon soars through the sky this morning, ramping up charm and curiosity. We should all be feeling a little pep in our step and minds will be very active. Gemini energy can be a bit overstimulating for some, so be sure to monitor your breathing throughout the day and take a time-out when you need one.

Your star will shine brightly in the communication realm as the moon forms a sextile with Mercury. This aspect will help you feel confident in your knowledge and achievements and ready to share information with the world. Your social media will be on fire, so be sure to post an attractive pic! Communication will be at a peak all day, which could cause some burnout as evening nears.

A square between Neptune and the moon could create a little bit of mental wonkiness, but you'll still feel driven to chat with others and check your social media feeds. Do yourself a favor and unplug after nightfall. If the texting and general chattiness go on too late, you may end up with a touch of insomnia. That beautiful brain of yours will still be active and hungry for information, though, so put on a nature documentary before bed to help lull you to sleep. The general vibe is flirty and fun, and you should be feeling good about yourself!
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