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Saturday, December 14, 2019
In the morning, the Cancer moon opposes Saturn and Pluto, offering a chance to pause and reflect on limits. There's an intense emotional release and transformation underway. Most of this happens during the sleeping hours, but for the night owls, be sensitive. A little detachment will go a long way, allowing you to flow with changes.

We're leaving the past behind, and as the moon opposes Venus this morning, a gentle, loving, creative, and productive energy flows through the day. With the moon void-of-course until later this evening, go with the flow and stick to routine tasks, take care of lingering business, rest, replenish, release heavier emotions, and reflect on recent events.

As the moon enters fiery Leo tonight, the mood shifts from emotional to passionate. We're ready to shake things up. Be bold and spontaneous and dare to follow your heart.
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