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Sunday, December 15, 2019
There's a big, bold, passionate energy coloring the day as the Leo moon squares Uranus early in the morning, bringing surprising developments. If something pushes your boundaries, pause, re-center, and realign with your heart and core values.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, generosity, good fortune, and benevolence, is newly in Capricorn, the sign that represents material success. Uranus is a rebel and revolutionary. In Taurus, it has been shaking the foundations of our known reality, asking us to dig deeper beyond materialistic values and attachments to get grounded in core values.

As Jupiter trines Uranus, there's a sense of discovering a wealth of untapped, tangible potential, like striking gold. There could even be unexpected payoffs. You may or may not win the lottery, but this is big. With the moon-Mercury trine at the same time, a conversation could spark new ideas and open huge doors, revealing real, golden potential.
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