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Friday, April 10, 2020
The moon is in Scorpio, and the revelations continue to spill over today. There's a powerful transformation underway—emotionally, financially, and in relationships involving sex and money—asking you to clear space for growth and expansion. Conversations are flowing and bringing information and realizations. Acknowledge how you feel and what you want, and then it will be easier to be honest with others.

The moon enters Sagittarius this afternoon, and the mood lightens and grows more passionate and affectionate as the day progresses. But there are major shifts unfolding. Also, after a long trek through Pisces (since February 3), Mercury enters Aries tonight, bringing a shift in communication. Since February, Mercury's transit in Pisces may have felt like trying to speak underwater. Now Mercury is in Aries, and you're ready to talk. Expect communication to be direct, passionate, and to the point.

Perhaps most significantly, Venus enters shadow phase today, marking a longer phase of transformation in relationships, financial and creative situations, and matters of the heart. Pay attention to what surfaces. You'll be getting a glimpse into an unfolding story over the coming months. Remember that words have the power to hurt or heal. Choose yours wisely.
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