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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
June begins and ends on a high note as the planets make major aspects. With the moon in Scorpio, we're feeling emotions deeply, and there's a potent alchemical transformation underway.

As the moon trines the sun, opposes Uranus, and trines Mercury this morning, expect a burst of clarity and inspiration or surprising developments revealing information you've been seeking.

The sun squares Chiron in Aries midday, and there's a need for self-awareness, especially if you're feeling upset, bitter, or wounded about something. Acknowledge how you feel rather than point fingers. You're coming to difficult realizations, but with awareness there can be healing and growth.

As the day progresses, communication is flowing as Mercury sextiles Uranus, bringing surprising conversations and unexpected information.

The sun meets retrograde Mercury in Cancer tonight, bringing a moment of deep clarity and important conversations and revealing sensitive information. Be open-minded. Finally, the sun sextiles Uranus, opening the floodgates to a wave of emotions and insights. The energy is overflowing with potential and new possibilities. Be sensitive, gentle, clear, fluid, and flexible, and you can navigate a situation consciously.
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