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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
The moon sextiles Neptune this morning, and you'll be very in tune with the energies around you. You could be even more susceptible to picking up other people's energies and carrying them with you through the day. Take a few deep breaths to release what isn't yours to carry.

The moon trines Jupiter, making way for intimacy with those you keep closest. Make some time to discuss your feelings, whether it's showing appreciation or getting something off your chest. It should go very well, especially when the sun sextiles the moon. This alone can bring harmony to relationships.

The moon trines Pluto around midday, which can increase your intuition and the ability to get clarity on a deep, dark corner of your subconscious. When the sun opposes Pluto this afternoon, you'll also clearly see any manipulation you may be guilty of or a victim of. Don't be stubborn if it seems like a transition is coming. Welcome the next phase as best you can.

Tonight, there's a Mars-Uranus semi-sextile that could lead to impatience and frustration with any obstacles in your way, but when the moon trines Saturn later, your emotions should stabilize.
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