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Thursday, September 17, 2020
This is a wonderful day for business and career-related affairs! The new moon in dedicated Virgo strongly agrees with Saturn in enterprising Capricorn with a lovely trine aspect. You can reach your goals and plant seeds for the future through these lunar waves. There is strong ambition pulsing through the collective right now, and hard work proves to be the name of the game at this time.

There is still some finagling that needs to take place as Mercury in indecisive Libra has a tough square with Jupiter in Capricorn. This can create some friction between your mind and a need to control. There could be an obsessive-compulsive element to this day as well. Perfectionist tendencies are very possible. Be careful to check your thoughts, and make sure you aren't being too hard on yourself.

These transits require you to put in the time and effort, but it will pay off fantastically in the near future. You just need to believe in yourself and see the beauty and wonder that the universe has to offer you on a daily basis. Take extra care of your health and focus on something that really lifts your spirits.
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