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Saturday, September 19, 2020
Today brings you a chance to be at peace with your sense of self. The waxing crescent moon in Libra asks you to make a wholesome choice in all your relationships.

As the moon goes void-of-course this morning, you're going to have to let something chill for a bit. Maybe you've been feeling more anxious about making a decision or settling a disagreement. It's not going to shift overnight, but at least this is a step toward making it better in some way. That is the beauty stressed by these cosmic alignments.

The waxing crescent moon highlights this angst in your inner being as it shifts into the psychological waters of Scorpio. Perhaps there's some emotional processing you haven't yet given yourself the chance to deal with. With all the earth energy dominating the sky these last few days, there has been a tendency to hide in your work in some capacity. You can't avoid this one even if you really want to. There are certain connections in your life right now that are forcing you look into your soul, whether it's a friend, love partner, or even someone who's just getting under your skin.
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