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Monday, September 21, 2020
The lessons you're diving into keep bringing major realizations all at once. The waxing crescent moon continues through the sign of Scorpio before marking a short void-of-course phase before entering the bright and cheery sign of Sagittarius. The influence of two phases in your life are exquisitely shaping your whole being.

The contemplative conflict of Mercury in airy Libra squaring off with Pluto in domineering Capricorn prolongs a decision. You are in a cycle here, without a doubt. Think of this as a spiritual upgrade that is imperative to being a part of the human experience. Understanding and inner healing are all that matter right now, most pointedly in the earlier half of the day. Recognize this phase of the journey and see how you can add love to the situation. Where did you go wrong in your relationships? The questions can be haunting, for sure, but the solutions are extremely empowering once you step back from your pride and allow your inner light to shine. As the moon enters Sagittarius, you'll feel a lift in your aura. You might even be able to reach out to someone you've been longing to speak to for some time.
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