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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
This day asks you to look at your desires through the lens of maturity and experience. With a long lesson still digging at your spirit, Mercury's path through the creative sign of Libra continues to make contact with some powerful players in the sky.

Today, the planet of communication squares Saturn in authoritative Capricorn. There is going to be a meeting here whether you're ready for it or not. What this energy wants of you is to take control. It doesn't matter if you feel prepared, because you're going to be forced to act in several roles. Responsibility can feel daunting, that's for sure. You have to put your foot down. That's the test of these aspects.

As the waxing crescent moon goes void-of-course, you'll have plenty of time to think because this phase of contemplation lasts into tonight, with a perfect display of synchronicity as the moon enters Capricorn. Someone will show their reverence to you, or at least this feeling toward you through these transits. You just have to trust that what you're doing and all the steps you're taking will pay off.
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