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Friday, November 20, 2020
You're feeling a bit emotionally detached.

The moon has settled into Aquarius, so this isn't likely to be a day in which you're desperate for social connection or deep conversations. If you can manage to schedule some long-overdue self-care and downtime, you'll be using your day wisely.

In the morning, the moon squares Uranus and brings with it some turmoil and conflict in relationships, further urging you to spend your time solo today. Anything else could likely lead to arguments and tension with the people in your life. If something comes up that is out of your control, put a pin in that discussion and revisit it at another time.

Yet another reason to simply stay away from other people today is this afternoon's moon-Mercury square. At this point, you're probably not even entertaining being reasonable. The likelihood of exhibiting extreme immaturity is at an all-time high all afternoon.

The moon sextiles Mars in the evening, and this could be the only redeemable part of the day because with it comes a release of playful lust and desire. The ambition you likely feel also motivates you to take the initiative. This inspiration gives you the energy you need to get what you want. After today's frustrations, you'll likely welcome the chance to blow off some steam. If you're successful here, it will take you into tomorrow with ease.
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