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Saturday, November 21, 2020
Expect sexual passion and a longing to connect deeply with others!

The morning begins with Venus entering Scorpio. If you trust that you have total loyalty and trust in your partner, this energy can bring you closer. Alternatively, if you feel those things are lacking, you are likely to feel a bit isolated and empty.

A bit of wit and quick thinking may assist either way when the sun enters Sagittarius this afternoon. You're likely to be able to move on even if you were feeling a bit sorry for yourself in the morning. This Sagittarius energy is like a spinning vortex of ideas and interests, and the mood is uplifted, perhaps even cheerful.

You can ride the positive vibes into the late evening when the moon moves into Pisces. This will likely bring with it some heavy emotions, but it can also enhance your ability to read others. With a deeper understanding of people's feelings, you can see things from their perspective more clearly and empathetically.

You can also look forward to intense and perhaps even vivid dreams tonight. Keep your phone near your bed so you can record a voice memo about the events that took place while you slept. Pay attention to any synchronicities that could indicate a premonition.
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