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Sunday, November 22, 2020
Today is all about connection!

The moon is in Pisces, so you're likely to be more impressionable to other people's ideas than usual.

It's important that you continue to consider everything carefully before settling on any ideas today. You could also be emotionally changed just by osmosis, so try to surround yourself with high-vibrational and happy individuals who bring joy to your life.

The moon trines Venus early in the morning, bringing with it another layer of empathy to you as well as a sense of emotional tranquillity. Because of the sense of calm and the close connection to other people, this is a great day to spend time with your most captivating friends. Kindness works hand in hand with honesty to create stable communication with the ones you love.

The afternoon holds an exciting transit when the moon sextiles Uranus. This thrilling shift brings a sense of adventure to be sure, but also try to spend some time with people with whom you feel an intellectual connection. Use this opportunity to strengthen that bond.

Everyone will be in the mood to entertain now, so this should prove to be a most enjoyable evening as long as the spotlight is shared. Be on the lookout for high expectations that others can't always meet. Other than that, you should be in for a great time.
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