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Monday, November 30, 2020
Channel your energy toward your goals!

The energy from last night's full moon in Gemini continues to linger throughout the day and has the potential to create a chatty mind. Insomnia isn't uncommon during a full moon, especially when it occurs in an air sign, so give yourself permission to take a nap if you feel your energy level dipping during the day. Try not to over-caffeinate because this can backfire and potentially make your mind more scattered.

A soft aspect between Mars and the north node in Gemini has you in the mood to put your ideas into action, and you'll likely apply logic and focus to your aspirations.

This is especially true later in the afternoon as the moon connects with the north node and brings an opportunity to heal your mind. Taking time to work on your goals can bring mental stability that may be lost on those who don't find ways to channel this energy in a productive manner.

A square between Neptune, the north node, and the moon could create some hiccups when it comes to problem solving, so don't beat yourself up if you get stuck on a particular issue. If you're unable to make any headway, step away from the project or situation and leave it until tomorrow.

Insomnia may creep up on you again this evening, so be sure to drink a calming tea, put lavender on your pillowcase, and set your phone to "do not disturb."
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