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Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Our day could begin with bit of a fog hanging over our heads as the Gemini moon and the north node share a square with Neptune. This aspect can make it difficult to fully understand our thoughts and emotions, so avoid engaging in any serious conversations or submitting paperwork that can't be edited later.

As Luna continues her journey through the sky, she forms unbalanced aspects with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. Emotions are likely to fluctuate up and down as we look for ways to juggle obligations through the day.

Be mindful that you release any tension you pick up by focusing on taking breaks and easing the stiffness in your shoulders. Problems could appear larger than they really are at first, so keep a level head if you experience any bumps in the road. Remember that it's okay to go off script if deviating from your traditional structures helps your emotional state. Ultimately, the big message is to not be overly critical or hard on either yourself and others.

After a strenuous day, the moon moves into Cancer as we roll into evening. This lunar placement loves a nice, cozy night at home, so plan to stay in for the evening. You'll likely need to recharge after today anyway!
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