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Thursday, December 3, 2020
A grand trine forms in the cosmos this morning as Neptune, the moon, and Venus flirt with one another in the sky. The energy from these is soft, romantic, and dreamy, so try to lean into love.

However, a square between the moon and Mars could threaten the good time because not everyone will be in the mood for this surreal cosmic escape. Energy levels could also feel low, and people could be more irritable than usual. If you find that you or someone near you is easily triggered right now, focus on your breath and try to move away from conflict and back toward harmony.

Try not to hold on to any frustrations you may have encountered during the first part of the day because an opposition between the moon and Pluto could create issues for people who are unable to forgive or move forward.

Unfortunately, difficult aspects continue to form into the evening as the moon faces off with Jupiter and Saturn. Emotions will go topsy-turvy as Jupiter makes our hurts feel bigger than they normally do, and Saturn comes along to try and restrict them.

Since the moon is in such a sensitive placement right now, try to postpone any potentially heated discussions until tomorrow. Instead, use the evening to focus on self-care. Allow yourself to heal from any wounds you may have sustained during the day,
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